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Sand Casting Patterns

   We offer quality Wooden, Aluminum, Cast Iron Patterns for Sand Castings. (Aluminum, Bronze, Brass and other Non Ferrous Metals, Cast Iron, Grey Iron. S.G Iron, Alloy Steels.)

   Aluminum, Bronze, Brass, Non Ferrous Metals.

   Hebert Foundry & Machine, Inc. has extensive experience in the aluminum sand casting foundry industry. The process of pouring molten aluminum into a sand mold continues to be a cost effective process, supplying parts to a variety of industries. Because of its positive features, aluminum remains the metal of choice across the automotive industry. Notwithstanding the automotive industry, aluminum sand casting continues to be used in other areas of the transportation industry including in aircraft and marine applications.

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We are one of the leading designers, makers, manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of all Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Sand Casting Patterns, Dies for leading Industrial units.
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